Commercial Photography And Its Uses

real_estate_photography_1The work of skilled photographers can have many commercial uses. From corporate brochures and reports to architectural firm marketing to sales, there exist many avenues requiring the use of high-quality color photography.

Corporate photography

Many corporations, especially large, publicly held firms, produce annual reports describing their business efforts and dealings to shareholders. These reports can be enhanced by high-quality color portraiture of major members of the company, or shots of a department or business team in action.

Other companies use corporate photography for marketing brochures to give to current or prospective clients, or to pass out at job interviews or at recruiting events. In these instances, the company or corporation should be portrayed in the best possible fashion. Many individuals recognize stock images, and they are viewed in graphic design and layout circles as dull and unimaginative choices. Companies come across as modern and forward-thinking when they use creative, original photographs in their marketing literature and brochures.

Aerial Photography And Digital Mapping

aerial_photos_real_estate_1Aerial photography offers clear views of the landscape below which can be very useful for many reasons. They can accurately show alterations in the landscape over set periods of time and there are so many uses for this type of map but what is most unique about them as compared to more traditional types of map, is that they offer a view of the area being represented as a picture and not as something which has been drawn by a cartographer. This presents many advantages, the main one being that once created, little time is lost in producing the images. In the past, cartographers spent a long time producing meticulous maps by hand but these digital images can be uploaded onto a computer and printed off as necessary or combined with other data to produce detailed information which is essential for a particular project.

Another benefit of these photographs is that the picture is clearer and shows details that are not available on maps of other sorts. Sometimes there are certain features and differences that can only be seen on something as precise a photograph. This can have numerous implications not only for business but also for countries whose very existence may be compromised by their enemies. Many industries make use of aerial photography to help them in different areas of their operations. For instance, aerial mapping can be a huge advantage for surveyors because the photographs offer better coverage, can provide a permanent record of a specific area and have a higher spatial resolution when compared with traditional ground based surveys. Real time images can be very important in certain circumstances and as the name suggests, a production of a photograph showing what is happening at a particular moment in time. Making use of photographs which were taken previously has many advantages as well because permanent structures will remain in place but it is also useful where studies are being made of the environment, for instance the Arctic ice melt during the summer months can be studied over a number of years or decades so that an accurate picture of global warming can be made. However, if the information required is to be more recent, real time photographs will be more suitable.

There are several ways of acquiring aerial photographs which include using satellites, balloons, helicopters, kites, aeroplane and radio controlled aircraft. All these methods have their pluses and minuses and a lot depends upon the budget, data required and in most cases, the weather conditions. With aerial mapping becoming so popular now, the technology is improving so that the images are becoming ever clearer and the minutiae more visible.

There are also services which allow for aerial photographs to be retrieved within just a few minutes and also combine them with other data to produce very accurate information. The technology has advanced a great deal and can be used to produce the images in a very short space of time and this is what makes it so attractive to the people who make use of such services. As time has passed everything is becoming better and more developed with the result that progress is being make to produce really precise images with more current information than ever before.

Photo Editing for Real Estate

real-estate-photo-retouchingIn most developing countries, real estate is a million dollar business and it is essential to have good and attractive photographs of the property. When the images are presented to the clients, they must be appealing, in the sense, the image of the property must be well composed, natural and excellent in quality. Real estate photographers with rich experience in editing photos can make this possible.

Real estate photo editing

Photo Editing is a remarkable tool in real estate photography. It is a process of editing the image using traditional tools or graphic editors thereby increasing the clarity and quality of the property. Be it digital images, analog photographs or just illustrations, these tools play an important role. The tools can correct exposure, color and perform a variety of other functions as well. Appropriate lighting and exact camera angle will result in a perfect image without any distortions. However, due to poor handling of the camera and poor lighting, various distortions could occur in the image. Certain factors that affect the image and hence reduce the quality of the photographs of the real estate property are listed as follows:

1) Sunny skies
2) Barrel distortion
3) Camera shake
4) Poor exposure
5) Presence of reflections
6) Jaggies
7) Presence of trash cans
8) Image masked by a car
9) Presence of wires and neighboring homes
10) Untidy and cluttered room
11) Mismatching furniture

With the advances in technology an experienced editor can correct and enhance your real estate photographs for very fine results. Few photo editing services include:

1) Fixing lightning
2) Exposure correction
3) Perfecting the window exposure
4) Correcting color cast
5) Cropping and Resizing or Rotation
6) Improve Image sharpness
7) Shadow correction
8) White balancing
9) Image blending
10) Image density adjustments
11) Sky replacement
12) Lens error correction
13) Add or remove objects
14) Angle adjustment

Photo editing does astonishing changes. It should also be noted that attempting to edit or erase any fixed object that has been there for years like a tree or a lamp-post could be unethical and unrealistic.


Graphic software programs like vector graphics editors, raster graphics editors, 3d modelers, can be used for editing purposes to alter images. Certain editors like PSE, PSCS3, Picasa can do the best editing. There is also Paint.NET, free download software that can be used for similar purposes. These software tools make your property photographs stand out. They also increase the probability of getting potential buyers.

There are many service providers who can do such photo editing services for you. Their versatile experience and depth of knowledge can work wonders in your real estate photographs. Visit site to gain details on Real Estate Photo Editing and more.